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All about HYFI names

From dating apps to defi dapps, soon your HYFI name will be usable everywhere.

  • #01. What is a HYFI name?

    A HYFI name (like scarlett.web3) is a digital asset created on the HYFI Blockchain. Once you grab it, you never have to pay renewal fees! Never, ever!

  • #02. What can be mapped to a HYFI name?

    You can map your HYFI name to your crypto addresses, Government-issued IDs, financial, personal & professional info, social profiles, academic records... there's virtually no limit.

  • #03. How much does a HYFI name cost?

    Your .web3 name has a one-time fees of $99 and goes live on the HYFI Blockchain on 4 August. Pre-register now for only $49.

All about HYFI Pages

Each HYFI name comes with its own

  • #01. What is a HYFI Page?

    A Hyfi Page is a cryptographically secured & portable digital representation of your data. Acting as digital versions of physical credentials, Hyfi Pages allow users to quickly share information. Users have full control over their data, choosing what to make publicly available and what to secure with OTPs & passkeys.

  • #02. Can others push data to my

    Authorized third-parties can push data like credit scores, academic records, etc. to your hyfi page. Only you can share that data using OTPs or passkeys.

  • #03. How much does a cost?

    Zero. Nothing. Zilch. It's free! Each HYFI name comes with its own